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Software Engineer

We're looking for enthusiastic and passionate colleagues to join our happy, eager and compact bunch of innovators.

Full-time · Amsterdam, The Netherlands

At Voormedia we ’re all really eager to perform and deliver high quality results that make an impact. This is exactly what we’re looking for in our new colleagues. 

We all like to grow, whether it’s technically, socially or both. We’re eager to perform and become the best version of ourselves.

We’ve created quite some interesting applications over the past years, prefer walking the unbeaten paths and like our clients and users to be our grand jury. We enjoy working for different companies in different industries, use new gained information and best practices from different fields to come up with solutions to challenges or opportunities. Aside from working for (or rather with) our clients, we also improve tools on challenges we face ourselves by investing 20% of our time in side-projects.

We’re looking for passionate engineers!
Nice, friendly and eager individuals to strengthen the team. Sure we like hiring really experienced engineers, but we’re not looking for spoiled brats with a ‘my way or the highway” mentality.

We believe; “teamwork makes the … No! We simply believe teamwork brings us the best results.

At Voormedia we’re passionate about software engineering.
We’re looking for engineers who also believe the project and desired outcome forms the foundation to choosing the right tools for the job.

We’re therefore looking for engineers who have a good understanding of object oriented thinking, design patterns, have experienced using at least 2 different programming languages, have shown they can switch with ease and are open to discover, learn and try out new techniques.

We’re currently using quite some;
Ruby (on Rails), Javascript / Typescript (Node.Js, React / Redux), but have also been using; Vue.Js, Objective-C, Objective C++, Rust and Python).

Time to sum things up; 


  • You’re passionate about software engineering. Always looking for ways to improve your skills and eager to share new findings.

  • You're an abstract thinker and able to come up with simple yet elegant solutions from a huge pile of variables.

  • You’re down to earth. You’re not the person in need of mentioning some big brand on your resume knowing you’ve only build some lousy landing page.

  • You can work highly independent knowing exactly what to do once you get stuck, but you'd rather perform as a team.  

  • You’re eager to grow and deliver solid results.


  • know we should probably be more salesy in this vacancy to stand out, but prefer to stay close to what we believe in.

  • Like to offer; room for growth, fun, freedom and responsibility.

  • work on causes we believe in.

  • work with clients who are open to actively collaborate.

  • innovate.


- € 2500 > €4800  (depending on experience / output).

- 25 paid holidays.

- 8% holiday allowance.

- Travel allowance.

- Flexible hours

- Lots of freedom both on the job as well as the ability to work 
from home (also when everything is back to normal).

- Team outings and annual Voormedia Expeditions.

- Working with an ambitious, young and international team.

- Lots of room to come up with great ideas, explore great ideas of yourself or others and make those ideas come to live. 

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